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Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later

- Og Mandino

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This place has plants everywhere, and all types to choose from. It's so beautiful and green inside and out. The work that these people have to put in to the upkeep of all those plants is breathtaking! Besides all the plants this place has a variety of bags, ice cold beverages and cool knickknacks everywhere. They also keep the place nice and cool, it was such a lovely bonus on a hot day.
Danielle Beerling
A central piller of community. The wonderful staff is knowledgeable and welcoming. The city jungle is my go to place for tropical houseplants, succulents , or house hold needs. The prices are excellent for exotic plants. I'm a proud returning customer.
J. W.
This is a fantastic little plant shop. With tons of odds and ends of small items that you don't need but want because they are handy. Everything in the store is reasonable priced for being on main st.. It's always busy haven't been there one time when it's slow. The shelves are always stocked no shortages. Have bought almost 30ish plants for my house from this amazing little store. All the plants are doing fantastic and look great!
Kolton Drechsel